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Now you can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, straight smile without the hassle of traditional metal braces. Phoenix Invisalign ® dentists, Beth Hamann, Brent Call, have extensive experience with these easy, removable invisible braces - the great new alternative to the "metal mouth" look of ordinary dental braces.

Visit us at Agave Dental now for an initial evaluation. We will write a detailed treatment plan and estimate the approximate length of the treatment, depending on your unique needs. Next, we provide you with a series of custom-fit clear plastic trays, or aligners, each to be worn sequentially to gently straighten your smile over time.

Why wait another moment to learn about the benefits of clear braces? Call our friendly staff at (602) 957-2411 or complete our simple online form to schedule a consultation. Our mission is to provide affordable, top-quality orthodontics care to all our patients and we offer a range of financial options to help cover Invisalign cost.

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